Standing Laptop Desk - Finished

After a lot of work, I have finished my Standing Laptop Desk.  My intended purpose was to house my laptop for use when playing, learning, improving my guitar playing.  While installing, I was actually able to reduce the furniture load in that corner of our living room (well, it's more of a music room than an actual living room).  I made the entire project by hand (with the only cheating was that I used a Festool hand sander prior to finishing).  I also used solid maple (man, what a hard choice when doing hand tools) except for the drawer bottom.  The desk uses mortise and tenon joinery while the drawer uses dovetail joinery.  For a finish, I used about 12 coats of superblond shellac followed by 3 or so coats of amber shellac. From a personal point of view, I have achieved the best fitting drawer I have ever made and I have achieved the best finish I have ever attempted.  I am very pleased with the result and it fits quite nicely with the rooms existing furniture.  Here is the final shot:

P.S.  I am taking the simple rout and ordering a simple wood stool with a swivel seat.   I thought about building it but I wasn't satisfied with that as my next project.