Back to work

For me, having a hobby allows me to float from normal family life, to my hobby, and back to life.  Also having a hobby for me also means that I don't have any guilt about the hobby.

As you can see from my posts, I haven't done any woodworking for over a month.  A combination of life and lack of motivation were the reasons.  Yesterday (as today is Thanksgiving) I actually got into my shop for a bit over an hour.  I didn't do anything extraordinary but it was fun.

I started back on cutting and squaring the legs to my boys desks.  Last time, I had done one set so it was time to focus on the second set.


In squaring up the first leg, a longish term issue popped up.  On my shooting board, I realized that with my previous shooting plane, I must have rocked the body and the end of the shooting board's fence was no longer plumb.  I decided to add a face to the fence.

Ripping a board to use as a face to my shooting board fence.

Ripping a board to use as a face to my shooting board fence.

First I found a nice straight board and cut a piece of appropriate size and length.  A little planing of edges produces a square and clean board.

Face added to the shooting board fence

Face added to the shooting board fence

I added the fence leaving the smallest overhang to replumb the end of the fence.  I only used screws, no glue, so that I can replace the fence if it needs it at a later time.

Now with the fixed fence, shooting a board leaves no blowout on the ends of the board.  The new Veritas Shooting plane is harder to rock but now that I've fixed the shooting board, I will watch out with my technique going forward.

I'm hopeful after a few chores this weekend to get some more shop time.  Next, I think I'm going to do some sharpening.  I forgot how hard maple is on my plane blades.